Q: What if I can't make it to the live-broadcast of the webinar? 

If you know you won’t be able to attend a particular webinar when it will be broadcasted live, go ahead and register anyway. Within 24 hours after the live event, you will be sent a link to an on-demand version that you can view at your convenience up to five times (feel free to share it with colleagues, too!).

Q: How much does a webinar cost?

Prices vary. Many of our webinars are offered for free, while others have a minimal fee of $25.

Purchasing a live or on-demand webinar will give you access to the live online event plus unlimited additional views of the on-demand recording. 

Q: Is this a per person charge?

No! Feel free to gather as many people as you’d like around the computer to watch.

Q: Why are your webinars so affordably priced?

We’ve been there. There are great training options available, but not always for a budget price or at a time and/or place that works for you. We wanted to make it possible for as many of our higher education colleagues as possible to be able to gain valuable skills that will help them in the workplace. 

Q: How can I get more training for myself and colleagues on a particular topic?

The Brenn-White Group’s network of experts are available to lead customized workshops in person at your location or via our online training platform, the International Education Academy. We can cover a wide range of topics in international education or international higher ed marketing and recruitment. For more details, visit our website.

Q: Do you have any discounts?

Students can attend any webinar at no cost and we offer a discounted rate to our existing clients. Just write us at webinars@brenn-white.com to get your discount code.

We also offer early-bird rates if you register for our paid webinars by a specified date. Be sure to join our mailing list to receive notifications about upcoming webinars!  

Q: How do I pay for the webinar(s)?

Simply pay online via credit card following the directions on this site. Acceptable forms of payment are American Express, MasterCard, and VISA. 

Q: Will I receive a confirmation?

After you submit your registration form and payment (when applicable), you will be sent a confirmation email containing the URL and password to access the webinar.

Each registrant receives a unique URL and password, so be sure to keep the confirmation emails for each webinar in a safe place.

Q: Can I register for more than one session?

Yes! You may register for as many webinars as you would like. Be sure to keep the confirmation emails for each webinar in a safe place – you will receive a unique URL and password for each webinar.

Q: Cancellation/refund policy

Refunds will not be issued if you happen to miss the live broadcasting of the webinar as each participant will be able to view an on-demand version of the session at no additional charge. 

We recommend you run the System Check prior to the day you are scheduled to participate in a webinar.

How to view a webinar

Q:  What do I need in order to watch a live or on-demand webinar?

An internet connection and an audio output device on your computer are needed to watch a webinar.

We recommend that you run the System Check prior to the day you are scheduled to participate in a webinar. You may also contact us at webinars@brenn-white.com with any technical questions on connecting to a webinar.

Q:  How do I join a live webinar?

Fifteen minutes before the webinar begins, use the link and password in your registration confirmation or reminder emails to join the webinar. If you cannot find the link/password, contact us at webinars@brenn-white.com.  

Please Note:  
You will receive a DIFFERENT link and password for EACH individual webinar. The links and passwords are not interchangeable. Please be sure to keep these emails in a safe place.

Q: When are your live webinars typically broadcasted? 

Depending on the location of the presenter, broadcast times may vary. Please refer to the broadcast time indicated on your confirmation email.

Q: How soon after the live event can I view the on-demand recording?

The on-demand recording is typically available one business day after the live event. Please use the login information you received in your confirmation email to access the recording.

Q: How many times can I view the webinar I purchased?

Whether you purchased a live or on-demand webinar, you will have unlimited access to the recording.

Q: Can multiple people from my office participate or watch a webinar along with me?

Sure! We encourage you to invite your colleagues to watch along with you during the webinar. Make sure your computer has speakers so that everybody can hear. Also feel free to print out as many copies of the presentation slides or handouts (if applicable) as you’d like. The more the merrier!

Q: Can I stop a webinar in the middle and come back to watch it later?

You cannot pause live webinar events. However, you can pause on-demand webinars at any point and return to watch the rest at your convenience.  However, do not close the browser window the webinar is operating in or the presentation will restart from the beginning.

Technical Issues

Q: Can I view the webinar from more than one computer at a time?

Each webinar registration enables you to view the webinar from only one computer at a given time. We encourage you to invite your colleagues to watch the webinars with you at your computer as they are broadcasted!

Q:  How do I listen to the webinar?

You can listen to the audio portion of this event via streaming audio either through your computer’s speakers or through headphones.

Q:  Is it possible to download an on-demand webinar onto my computer

No. However, you may download any handouts or worksheets from the webinar.


Q:  Who do I contact if I have questions or any problems viewing the webinar?

Contact us at webinars@brenn-white.com and we will help you as quickly as possible!   

Q:  Who do I contact if I think I have a great idea for a webinar?

Just write us at webinars@brenn-white.com and we’ll let you know how to submit an idea for hosting a webinar.

Q: Who is The Brenn-White Group?

The Brenn-White Group provides marketing, strategy, editorial, and translation services with a focus on helping universities reach international audiences. The company draws on the extensive industry experience of the core team and their international network of experienced writers, researchers, marketers, and international education experts. For a list of all our services, please feel free to visit our website